Hey guys I’m Kevjrobbo! Welcome to my little section of the world wide web. Where do I begin with this? Well I’m a DLive streamer trying to build up a community of genuine people (yes, I said genuine).

After streaming on Twitch for 12 months and coming to the realisation that no matter how many people I networked with or however many communities I joined there was always one selfish person than was gaining all the benefits that would not do what they had claimed.

With this said I wanted to start a fresh, so I moved to DLive (Best thing I ever did). From people showing genuine support to making lifelong friends it’s been one fantastic journey. Within 7 months on the platform I became a verified partner with a following of over 3500. So, with this said when it comes to streaming, I’m sarcastic, always up for a laugh, never take games too seriously just your general idiot really.

I’m currently trying to help others on the platform whether it be setting up streams for the first time, achieving goals or just a general person to talk to if someone need me. Were a community! to many people hit their goals and forget the people that pushed them there!

DLive Community

What can you expect from my website?

1. Complete Honesty

2. Streaming News

3. Advice

4. recommended streamers

5. Loads of stuff ill make up as we go along

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