About Me

So a little bit about myself!

So I’m Kevjrobbo a variety streamer from the UK.

I stream literally everything from battle royale games to horror games with scream alerts active (Just to clarify I don’t cry “much”)

Every day is a challenge to become a better streamer learn something new, find new people to support at the end of the day were trying build a community, this doesn’t just mean in the world of streaming this means real friends that can offer support on and off stream.

My gameplay isn’t always the best so I pride my streams on interaction, sarcasm and just fun things in general. It wouldn’t be unusual if you stopped by and I was sarcastically giving my viewers abuse haha.

With that said I set my self long term goals, so originally it was to achieve 500 followers by Christmas (8 Months of being part of Dlive) somehow I managed to achievethat really quick so I set bigger goals and will continue to do so. Always feels good to make things happen, achieve your dreams…. I will never give up.

Everything aside from that I’m also here if people need to talk about anything, we all have our demons/issues whether that be stream related or IRL, I’m here.

I’m not entirely sure what else to write so I’m going to keep it as that and if anyone wants to know anything more just contact me.

Feel free to drop by my stream any time would be a pleasure to get to know you https://dlive.tv/Kevjrobbo

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