Mar 11, 2020
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So i wanted to write an article about something totally different and see what others opinions on the matter was.

First all from from the other blogs ive wrote on this website you have probably already guessed im a streamer. “We made it! Global Partnership achieved”. The grind has been a journey that had its ups and downs but im proud of how far i have come and what i have achieved.

What im finding now is i feel like im in a dilemma. So streaming, although the Dlive commuinity is super supportive and it makes some what of an income its something you cannot always guarentee aswell as something you should not expect to happen as i depends on other peoples generosity.

I have worked more or less every single day of my life since leaving further education (college). My job isnt anything special and over all my wages are not alot. Some days everyday life feels like a struggle as the income i recieve only just covers expenses such as rent ect meaning luxuries and things like that dont come very often.

I am actively looking for some new employment but the days have long gone were you could just walk into a place of work and ask for a job, Now you have to send in a CV ect and feel like your consistantly up against people that are either far more qualified than you or just overall have more experience.

So my isssue is this… I have a 5 year old daughter who i genuinley love with all my heart and i want to be the best father i can be and hopefully a good role model so that later in her life she can look back and think about her childhood in a good way.

I am just curious whether its normal to have days were you feel low? i mean not in a self pitty way but just thinking maybe i can do things better. I would love to be in the position were she could say “daddy i like that bike” and i could just buy it. I dont mean spoil the child i just mean be in a financial posistion to do more than i can currently.

So by this i am not in any way looking for any kind of sympathy im just wondering if ever anyone else has the feeling that things could be better.

In my opinion saying how i pernonally feel from time to time is another way of talking about mental awareness and showing people that it is ok to speak out, someone will always be there to listen.

One thought on “TIME TO TALK SERIOUS”
  1. hey dude! just to let you know there is ALWAYS a day when its ok to feel low. About anything. And its ok to tell the kids that “one day you can have that bike.” they might not understand why daddy cant magic money out of the air to get them what they want at that moment. I personally have told my kiddo that money doesnt grow on trees, bills come first then luxuries. Its taken a while for her to get it – shes 13 now – but shes getting it. I feel bad for not being able to buy her the things she wants right at that moment, just let her know that there will be a day where she will have the bike or whatever she wants, then if shes outgrown her old bike, see if she wants to part with it to give to anothe little girl who hasnt got a bike, pass it forward so to speak then she will grow learning that not everyone has everything that she does. Its made kiddo realise that shes better off than others but also that everything costs money. You are doing an amazing job with her and shes an amazing little girl 🙂 Keep up the great work with her buddy, and remember, im only a message away!

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