The first time I ever hit the go live button I found a passion for streaming, the fact I could be myself while finding friends to game with and meet people with similar interests was just phenomenal.

After streaming on Twitch for 12 months and coming to the realisation that no matter how many people I networked with or however many communities I joined there was always one selfish person than was gaining all the benefits that would not do what they had claimed and actually help growing streamers.

With this said I wanted to start a fresh, so I moved to DLive (Best thing I ever did). From people showing genuine support to making lifelong friends it has been one fantastic journey. Within 12 months of being on the platform I became a Global Partner with a following of over 7000.

I am extremely grateful for what I have achieved on this platform as a variety streamer and the support I get so I go out my way to give back to others, whether that be helping a new streamer get set up for the first ever stream or helping someone hit affiliate we are a community and we grow together.

The thing that differentiates Dlive from other platforms is amazing, not only do other streamers go out there way to help people hit milestones but staff members visit streams and are pretty much on call 24/7 for anyone that needs assistance.

The fact that you can play anything from the latest title out, a retro game or even an IRL stream and still gain a viewership and support is beyond belief.

For anyone that was even contemplating trying out DLive whether as a first time streamer or transitioning from a different platform I would genuinely say I recommend it and am always available if anyone needs any questions answering before they decide.

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