Mar 11, 2020

So recently there has been alot happening on Dlive, from people leaving new streamers and viewers joining the platform its had its fair share of change.

First of all i would honestly like to say to any of the streamers that have decided to switch platform that i wish you the best of luck for whatever your future choices may be!

There are a lot of people that become judgemental when changes happen. People leave a platform and begin to degrade it, others degrade the streamers that move. Honestly shouldn’t we just support there decisions? respect there choices i mean come on…alot of these people once supported you and helped you achieve goals etc.

Anyway back to the important stuff so back in Febuary the CEO of Dlive Charles posted a tweet that had all of its users wondering what could this be?

1 week later we recieved another announcment that literally made my day, i feel these changes lifted the spirits even more and gave its users even more of an incentive to continue to produce content on the platform.

So from now the current maintaenance requirements for verified partners on the platform has been removed meaning that they no longer have to stream for a certain amount of days/hours, or even maintain 20 subscribers by the end of every month. The only thing that is required is that within the last 2 months there is a stream history and there status as a verified partner will remain active.

Global Partnership requirements are now 2 out of 3 requirements must be hit, Stream days, Stream hours and 150 subscriber count. In my opinion this is amazing, no longer to we feel pressurised into wondering how many peoples subs will run out a few days before or either worrying about how many subs will get gifted within the month.

Partners who publicly advertise that they are no longer utilize the DLive streaming services will have their partnership status revoked. This is also amazing as stated at the start of this post people that leave or plan on doing so should not try to make a platform look bad as in my personal opinion this just makes yourself look worse.

Weekly payments for Global Partners have been stopped and its back to every 2 weeks the same as everyone else (No big deal really)

Partners were each given a $10 stream gift card and Global Partners given a $50 steam gift card.

A new tiered reward system will be implemented for partners that actively stream on Dlive. The more you stream the more you will be rewarded. Dlive are also working on a monthly partners day event where we can celebrate everyone who has achieved this status. (More details regarding this will be announced at a later date)

This is honestly why i recommend joining the Dlive community! Every bit of feedback given by Dlive users is clearly taken into consideration and enables staff members to make changes that are beneficial to its users such as the above.

Like ive stated in previous posts from experiances on this platform i feel more determined and driven to give every last particle of my energy here (i love it).

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