Dec 19, 2019
Tidylabs was created by one of Dlives very own staff members “Tidy”. Not only can you set up alerts from here you can also add additional things to your stream which I will detail below. I will add the link at the bottom of the blog.
As you can see down the left hand side of the image there are many things that you can add to your stream if you wish. Tidy has made this extremely easy to use and goes to great effort in ensuring that everything is operational and always adding extra features.
Alert Box is exactly what it says, from this link your are able to customise sounds for everything from Subs, Donations and hosts. You can have different sound alerts and images that can be added on this page and the alerts box is simply added by copying the URL and adding as a browser source.
Chatbot has just recently been updated but is definitely something essential to use on your channel. You are able to set custom commands here for example !twitter (Giving viewers your social media links). There are also options for timed messages, donation messages and alerts messages so that if somebody follows they will get a thanks for following message etc. These are all customisable for you to add your own mark too.
There are different types of goals that can be added to your stream such as follower, donations and subscriber goals. These are all customisable so that you can change the colours to match your overlays/themes.
Tip and sub scrollers can be added to your screen so that the animation scrolls across your stream showing the names of all your supporters. Font and colours can also be changed on these to blend in with your current styles. There is also an option to choose whether to scroll just the people who supported that stream or for the full month.
Ninja boss is a cool way for your viewers to compete to be the best. You set a goal and donations will damage the bosses health. The last person to donate when the bosses health hits 0 will become the new boss (If the current boss donates health will be added back on).
Viewer count will display how many people you currently have watching whilst you are live on stream.
Song requests is a new feature that has been added to the chatbot enabling your viewers to request songs to play while you are live.

https://tidylabs.stream/ is all you need to do all of the above

I would like to say a massive thank you to Tidy for putting in all the effort so that we can use these functions to make our stream look more professional you sir are amazing!

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