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Mar 13, 2020

So everyone has someone that inspires them right?. I wanted to do something completely different and write a short artical explaining someone who inspires me the most and the reasons why.

90% of the time if someone was to ask you who most inspired you the answer would most likely be someone extremely famous like a footballer or one of the biggest film stars in the world……but not for me!

So over the past year of me being a part of the Dlive community ive met some awesome people and some of the best friends i have but one person in particular made my outlook on life different.

Robin aka Chilloutdoors is a Norweigian IRL streamer that has a great attitude towards everything.

Before meeting Robin i can honestly say i had never watched an IRL stream but after seeing him live for the first time and how interactive he was with hes audience i found myself enjoying the content to the extent were i thought id love to be able to stream things like this.

Robin has been one of the biggest supporters across the Dlive community for many of the streamers on here aswell as becoming someone i class as a very close and trustworthy friend.

To think that someone has 3 children, runs there own company designing and developing outdoor products, finds the time to stream and still manages to connect with other people is beyond me when you consider some people are all about themselves.

After getting to know Robin and speaking with him i had the motivation to do things a little differently….. set long term goals without worrying how long they take, stream what i want because true supporters will be there regardless.

This is why Chilloutdoors is a Global Partner on Dlive, 110% effort into what he does, awesome interaction and in my opinion one of the best people representing the platform.

Im truley greatful for meeting him within the Dlive Community and if I get anything out of my experiences on this platform making the friends that I have means more to me than anything. – Make sure to click the link and see the following content such as- Camping, Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, Noob game streams and much more.

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