Dec 9, 2019

After streaming on Twitch for the best part of 12 months finding myself associating with people that would solely build communities for their own benefits, without showing any signs of supporting others I came to the decision that I was going to give up streaming.

One of the very few genuine people that I had met during my twitch experience had told me to give DLive a try. I’m not going to lie; at the beginning I was one of those sceptics thinking it sounded too good to be true but how wrong I was.

I finally decided to head over to DLive and interact with a few streamers and ask what their thoughts of the platform were. I honestly had nothing but positive comments and the people I had questioned seemed very welcoming and humble explaining in detail how the platform worked.

A week or so after it was time to do my first stream and honestly it was the best decision I ever made. I had people come in on my first stream and welcome me to the platform, offer me help if I needed it, someone had even made me a banner for my social media.

DLIVE Community

I felt overwhelmed and still to this day I wake up and literally cannot wait to hit that live button. I have made some of the closest friends on this platform that not only do I game with, but I have met in person and trust more than the people that live close to me.

Where else can you stream that entails even staff members stopping in to show you support? Not only are they staff they become friends, they listen to feedback, organise community activities to bring everyone together we really are just one big family.

Unlike other platforms DLive isn’t just a follow for follow platform because people do stop by consistently showing support and vice versa.

With all this said I would like to thank everyone from my followers, other streamers, the DLive Community and staff members because without you guys, I could never have achieved the things I have as well as feeling there is always someone to talk to.

If anybody has any questions regarding the platform whether that be a new streamer or someone that is thinking of moving from a different platform please feel free to send me a message and I will happily take some time out to give you any advice you need.

Building a streaming Community can easily be achieved here on DLive.

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