Jul 27, 2020

There are a lot of people within the UK that find it exceedingly difficult to find car insurance while keeping the cost affordable depending where they are located.

I have been a victim of this living in Blackburn which is listed in the top ten places in the United Kingdom to insure a car I can certainly feel the struggle when it comes to finding something that is affordable and worthwhile.

So after recently purchasing a new car and straight away going to the well-known comparison sites such as confused etc I genuinely thought that my budget was not enough to cover the cost for my vehicle.

I was recommended to have a look on another comparison site called QuoteGoat and can honestly say it was pleasantly surprising. Not only does it take a few minutes maximum to fill out the required information but instantly get numerous results back.

I found upon looking that some of the results were the same as I had been quoted on other comparison sites but a lot cheaper. I managed to not only find an affordable insurance company through this site but also got RAC cover which was a bonus.

I can genuinely say that I would recommend this site to anyone as I saved around £300, Worst case scenario is that you don’t find the quote you want and keep looking but I’m sure you will.

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