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Aug 25, 2020

I wanted to do a short article with the hope that someone may be able to give a little more insight on this subject. So, I have been a Variety Streamer on a platform called DLive for around 18 months now and have accumulated just over 7600 followers, and now I am looking at taking my content to the next level.

I understand that from a sponsor’s perspective they would look for someone who is extremely passionate about what they do (I certainly am) as well as several factors such as followers and maybe even the platform you stream on.

I have been looking through all different websites etc and find it very daunting to even contemplate contacting and large companies like SteelSeries or HyperX and so on because all of these companies produce literally the best gaming products money could buy so it makes me think that in comparison to some of the streamers that have hundreds of thousands of followers why would they even look at me.

The only companies I have come across since I have been looking are places that actually target you on the likes of Twitter but that’s not the route I want to go down considering if they say there are tier sponsorships depending how much you spend in our store isn’t that just a way of making money from you then you are rewarded with an affiliate link (Completely different from a sponsor).

With all this said I was wondering if anyone had ever had any luck or even any advice that they could share in regards of approaching a sponsor. I would love the opportunity even if it were to trial products then post a written review or video content about the product, I am willing to work and prove myself to anyone that would give me this opportunity.

No matter what the outcome I’m going to continue to look as well as grow as a content creator, this is more than just a passion I’ve found something I love, the community I’ve built and the numerous new people I meet on a daily basis that become life long friends means more than anything but I do want something else to work towards.

Every time I hit a goal whether that be followers, subscribers and so on its never time to give up, it just means you have to set the next goal even if it may seem optimistic peruse your dreams and achieve what you really want, failure just isn’t an option.

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