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So, although everyone would love to have that immaculate looking stream setup with all the best quality products at the start of your streaming career sometimes the affordability is not there, so you have to find the most affordable alternative.

I know for myself personally speaking I would love to for instance use the likes of a Shure sm7b but even that is out of my budget. I cannot personally vouch for the product as I have not tried but I am almost certain the audio quality would be amazing.

Personally I think the best way is to find something that works for you within your price range and gradually start to upgrade when you start to build a bigger community and feel more confident as a streamer.

I have certainly used some of the worst products and made many mistakes whilst trying to decide what works for me.

Currently I use a blue snowball microphone that for with a program called voicemeter. Understandably this in my opinion is not the best product out there but for someone just starting out or growing its certainly affordable and set up right can work perfectly.

I also started only using one monitor which I have now added another to my setup (makes life so much easier). Eventually I plan on adding another.

Obviously if you are streaming from a pc you need to make sure that your computer is capable of streaming and gaming at the same time so I would recommend a good CPU such as the Ryzen 7x or upwards although there are most likely more that would work perfectly.

Starting out I used a GTX 1070 with 16gb of ram and that was perfect a few games I had to adjust settings while streaming to reduce frame loss but nothing to difficult. I recently changed and upgraded to a 2070 super and although it was expensive it was certainly worth it.

Keyboard and mouse are a big factor obviously for your gaming experiences as well as the visual effect they can give your setup. I mean Corsair, SteelSeries, Razer have some amazing products out there.

I could sit here and name so many products that would make a dream setup but without testing them I would not want to give someone a false review.

A lot of building your dream setup will come over time with trial and error and testing different products, but I’m sure if your persistent with what you do and try to put out your best content you will find that way that works.

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