The Shore Demo


Aug 5, 2020

As a Variety streamer I persistently look for games to play but there is nothing I love more than a good old horror. After seeing the teaser for this game and what it had to offer, I just could not resist the urge to try.

The Shore is a stunning first-person Horror adventure that focuses on a father searching for he’s missing daughter on a mysterious island that is filled with some terrifying monstrosities while trying to keep he’s sanity intact.

At the beginning of the demo I felt like for a second, I was watching cast away as I was next to a washed-up boat and on what appeared to be a stranded island.

It soon became apparent after finding a locket with a photo and some other small items that there was going to be several items that you must acquire that would help you progress throughout the game.

The game itself constantly has that mysterious horror feel where you must solve puzzles to uncover the islands darkest secrets while often dealing with some rather large and terrifying creatures that lurk around the island.

Personally, I think visually the game has amazing photorealistic visuals and some beautiful narrative content.

I found a few minor bugs while playing on PC (But this is a demo) like the spacebar would not jump and while opening the door that leads underground next to the lighthouse I got stuck and had to reload the game but nothing too stressful.

From the time I spent playing I felt like I had a very pleasant experience and I am fascinated to see what else this game has to offer upon full release.

If you can get the demo to try out beforehand, I would certainly recommend if this is your style of game.

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