The Truth About Streaming


Sep 16, 2020

Although many people experience different thing during there streaming journey one thing seems clear that your all going to have in common at some point. A lot of people seem to think that you hit that live button and people just come flooding into your channel but that could not be further from the truth.

You have to be mentally prepared for a real grind that is never ending from setting up your stream for the first time to the networking aspect of things were you persistently meet new people whilst trying to build your own community and brand.

Nothing comes easy as a streamer there is always thing like technical difficulties etc all the way to dealing with trolls and other people that may dislike you but the truth is that if you want something enough you will persevere through all of this until you have achieved your personal targets.

So we have mentioned the grind, Networking (Making friends) is probably the most effective way to build your audience as you can get recommendations from others and also visiting other streamers could also give you some insight to what you could potentially do better to make your content more appealing to others.

One of the things I hate the most but in almost every case is imminent is the fact that you are going to build some very close friendships open up to people and be dropped without a second thought. Personally I would say 90% of the time this boils down to jealousy if you are doing better than someone else but it could be a number of reasons like someone has hit there personal goals so now you are not needed.

I for one have experienced this where people I thought was my closest friends just decide to ignore you for no reason at all and become negative, yes it hurts but you need to maintain that mindset that everything happens for a reason and you probably didn’t need their help anyway.

People that have a negative mindset will most likely fail wherever they choose to go because its easy to blame someone else or a platform instead of looking into a mirror and thinking maybe I shouldn’t have done that.

With everything said I would not change any of my experiences throughout my streaming journey for anything, I have made friends that are closer than the people that live around the corner, always have someone to talk to and have a community on Dlive that feels more like a family.

Sometimes things can become overwhelming, people generosity at times literally has you on the verge of crying and other times you can be stabbed in the back from those closet to you but no matter what stay true to yourself and make your dreams come true those people are just an obstacle you have to bypass.

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