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  1. Communicate, interaction is key with streaming try to engage with your viewers and build an understanding about them giving you things to talk about if they return. You will find most of your viewers will come for you as a person not for the game.
  2. Dont be afraid to try different things, versatility can be an amazing trait to have as you can build up different audiences and potentially gain some new viewers.
  3. Promote yourself as much as you can on social media, always good to maybe put a tweet out when your going live you never know who may see it. i would say the only way not to promote is in someone elses stream as thats quite disrespectful.
  4. Patience, Rome wasnt built in a day and neither are you going to find fame in 5 minuites. Persistance and determination will work, some days will be better than others just dont give up.
  5. Networking, i dont really like this term but lets call it making friends. Other streamers can help more than you know always a good idea to speak with other streamers.
  6. Goals, always good to have long term goals, something to work toward like your first 500 followers ect
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