We need a real Horror game


Aug 11, 2020

One of my favourite game genres is Horror but unfortunately there has been many releases that literally make you jump out your seat for a long while. Although games like the Resident Evil Remake and Blur Witch came out, I do not think any of them have the fulfilment of a true horror.

I would genuinely love to see a first person phycological horror that had more than just a few jump scares. Visage was one of those games I could not wait to play then once the release date landed, I remember thinking this is good although others had hated on the game I enjoyed it just was very disappointed that the chapter were not finished.

We need a game with the tension of what P.T had, set in a haunted house and experiences supernatural occurrences, and does not fully rely on jumpscares. P.T was just a long looping corridor that each time you pass through it redecorates and something new occurs from a radio playing to a refrigerator hanging from the ceiling with the violent crying of a baby.

This game although it was only a short teaser demo that unfortunately never got released as a full game was a masterpiece, something that literally makes your hairs stand on end because the atmosphere just leaves you wondering what next.

You tend to find that a lot of the paranormal games feel extremely repetitive and after jumpscare number two the whole scare factor has been and gone.

There are some horror games due for release that could have the potential but from what I’ve seen over the last few years I highly doubt they will live up to the true expectations of a horror that makes you want your mum and to sleep with the lights on.

I am hopeful in the future we see more of these games coming out that not only can I cry whilst playing but I can livestream and let my viewers cry alongside me (Or wet themselves with laughter). I only say this because as a Variety Streamer there are many occasions I change all my alerts to scream sounds meaning I have thrown the occasional drink over myself whilst jumping out my skin.

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