What streaming has done for me


Aug 27, 2020

Anyone that has followed me for a while and spent some time in my livestreams will know that I come across confident and sarcastic but, in all honesty, I have not always been this way. Streaming has had a huge impact on my mindset and helped me in ways that I cannot express.

Before I began to stream I had been through a relatively tough time, growing up in a tough area and mixing in with the wrong crowds as well as developing anxiety let’s just say my attitude was not the best but like I said this is something that has helped me come out of my comfort zone.

Ever since I pushed the button to go live for the first time I had no expectations at all literally I was just testing to see what happens but after the first ever person started to chat I felt grateful that someone had took some time out there day to talk to me.

After a few weeks I found myself with more consistent people stopping by and chatting and that is when I realised that this is something I want to peruse, lets see how far we can push this. Throughout my experiences streaming there has been some tough time but also sometimes were you literally think what I have done to deserve this, people’s generosity can be so overwhelming.

During my time streaming I have realised how much this has helped me become a better person, I feel extremely confident and outgoing and am always happy to help others because when you have experienced the ups and downs of streaming you can use that to make other streamers feel at comfort by helping them.

What I am most thankful for is the friends I have made during my time doing this. I have met people from all over the world that I trust more than the people that literally live around the corner from me. I have met so many people that have helped in many different way like giving me the mindset to set long term goals and not give up until they are achieved and also meeting my best friend who has helped in more ways than I can explain. When I lost my current employment when COVID started but I was offered a job by him that gave me a lifeline as well as a new skill to learn and progress with.

I could honestly go on for hours about all the people that have helped in different ways good and bad but I am truly grateful for anyone that has shown support and believed in me throughout my time growing as a Variety Streamer, if anything the support has given me the incentive to push this beyond expectations and that is exactly what I am going to do.

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