Why I recommend streaming on Dlive


Nov 26, 2019

So obviously everyone is entitled to there opinion but here is my thoughts on why i recommend streaming on Dlive.

Unlike other platforms Dlive is definitely the most community orientated platform I have come across. From staff members visiting your streams to other streamers stopping by and offering support.

I have genuinely made some of the best friends I have on this platform that not only come to streams but i know they are there if i ever needed someone to talk too.

So here is a few reasons why I highly recommend this platform-

1. You are able to stream whatever content you want and still get views. This is from the older games that you wouldn’t think many people watch to bigger games such as Fortnite etc, you are not competing with streamers that have millions of viewers.

2. Staff members visit streams and feedback is always taken into consideration. Unlike other platforms if you was to make a suggestion you would normally get an automated response and that would be the end of it, Not on Dlive. There are weekly community streams held discussing changes and other things that have been suggested.

3. Dlive do NOT take any of your earnings 90.1% goes directly to you and the remaining 9.9% will go into a pool that rewards people with Lino stake (i will add a link to the Dlive welcome letter that will explain in more detail).

4. There are always things being implemented to the platform to make it improve.

5. There is a chest system were the more your viewers engage in you chat the more Lemons it will naturally generate for you to open and give back to your viewers. You are also able to top this up with your own Lemons if you wish.

I could actually go on, but everybody will have different experiances when it comes to streaming, but for me i owe everything to this platform. Im able to be myself, feel excited to hit that go live button.

Here is the link for the Dlive welcome letter that will explain the platform in greater detail https://community.dlive.tv/about/welcome-letter/

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